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Fund Rationale

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide absolute return to Participating Shareholders by investing in pharmaceutical drug discovery and biotech projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

Strategic Partnership

The Big Picture

CEBINA Bridge Capital has entered into a collaboration agreement – DANUBE LABS – with CEBINA GmbH and Evotec International GmbH for the purpose of identifying and supporting pharmaceutical drug discovery projects originating from universities, research institutes and other entities in Central and Eastern Europe with each project having specially agreed terms between the parties on the split of participation in any successful end product.

CEBINA is incorporated in Vienna, Austria and is a biotech incubator and accelerator and product development and research company. CEBINA will be responsible for identifying and assessing drug discovery projects which will be presented to a Joint Steering Committee consisting of representatives of CEBINA Bridge Capital, CEBINA and Evotec. CEBINA will be responsible for supervising the investments, protecting and maintaining any Intellectual Property rights and reporting to the joint steering committee on a periodic basis in respect of each Funded Project.

Evotec is incorporated in Hamburg, Germany and is a drug discovery organization, providing research and drug development services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and conducting research and development activities for internal and partnered drug development programs. Evotec will be responsible for providing discovery, research, preclinical, development and other related services to CEBINA in support of a Funded Project.

It is anticipated that SPVs will be utilised to hold any Intellectual Property rights developed or acquired during the term of the collaboration although in some instances the Intellectual Property rights may be licensed directly to third parties. CEBINA, Evotec and the CEBINA Bridge Capital will either receive shares in a SPV incorporated to hold the Intellectual Property rights or a percentage of any fees payable in respect of the licensing of the Intellectual Property (the “Investment Assets”).


If a drug research project is unanimously approved by the joint steering committee (a “Funded Project”), the Company will make one or more grants available to CEBINA which will fund the services to be provided by CEBINA and Evotec to the Funded Project.

Head of Fiduciary Gibraltar 
Heather Adamson

Heather is the Head of Fiduciary in the firm’s Gibraltar office. With over 10 years’ experience in Gibraltar, she specialises in corporate structuring, company management and fiduciary services, which she provides to her international clients.

Heather is a chartered certified accountant with a focus on ensuring good corporate governance. She is an experienced company manager, trustee and fund administrator, and can assist in the establishment of a range of corporate structures for corporate and private clients, provision of corporate secretarial services, accounting and other administrative support.

Investment Director CEBINA Capital Ltd
Patrick Aisher

Patrick Aisher, Chairman of Kinled Holding, is a serial entrepreneur who has invested in the life science industry since 1997. He has focused on biomedical technology companies developing medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, and healthcare services, with direct investments in over 50 businesses, 24 exiting via IPO, trade sale or licensing.


He is a Director of Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA, PreComb Therapeutics AG, and has identified and invested in early stage spin-off opportunities from Universities in Barcelona, Zurich, Oxford, Boston, Stanford, NorthEastern, Texas, NYU, Lausanne and Geneva.

Investor Relations
Hector Haynes

Qualified Solicitor with a background in managing technology and industrial investments, Hector is Investor Relations Manager at CEBINA GMbH and is responsible for liaising with investee companies; Calyxha, Algonist, Eveliqure, and MAG-Lab.  At CEBINA Bridge Capital Ltd he monitors our shareholders interests and is responsible for liaison between the Administrator, legal team and investors.

Meet the team

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